“Common Elements” means all parts of the Condominium Property, except for the Units.

“Condominium Property” means all real property, all buildings, and all other improvements that are part of the Concord Station Condominiums.

“Limited Common Elements” means parts of the Common Elements that are reserved for the exclusive use of a certain Unit to the exclusion of all other Units.

“Unit” means the space bounded by the horizontal and vertical planes formed by the interior surfaces of the perimeter walls, the upper surface of the floors, and the lower surface of the ceiling at the highest level of each Unit, finish materials applied to interior surfaces, receptacle and switch plates or covers within the bounds of a Unit, nonstructural interior walls (other than walls separating Units), windows and doors, sashes, thresholds, frames, jams and hardware in the perimeter walls, floors, or ceilings on a Unit.


No open container of any alcoholic beverage may be carried in the Common Elements and no alcohol shall be consumed upon the Common Elements (inclusive of while in any vehicle), except solely within the area of a Limited Common Element that corresponds to a Unit’s patio. Roadways, driveways, and walkways are included in this prohibition.

No animals, rabbits, livestock, fowl, or poultry of any kind shall be raised or bred or kept in any Unit or in the Common Elements, except, that two (2) pets consisting of cats or dogs, not exceeding twenty-five (25) and forty (40) pounds respectively in weight each, may be kept in a Unit, and, provided that they are not kept, bred, or maintained for any commercial purpose.

No animal is permitted to roam free outside of any Unit, except solely within the confines of the Dog Park, otherwise, any animal outside of any Unit must be leashed or in a carrier in the constant accompany of its caretaker.

It shall be the responsibility of the Unit Owner to ensure that any dog does not bark such that it is audible outside of their Unit and/or within any adjacent Unit.

In the event an animal menaces or attacks any person or animal, the responsible Unit Owner shall immediately remove the animal from the Condominium Property. The animal may only be returned upon satisfactory proof to the Board that professional veterinary care or training has, to a reasonable degree of probability, modified the animal’s behavior such that the safety of persons and animals is assured in the future. Proof of insurance covering the animal shall be required.

No animal may be tethered or otherwise housed outside for any period of time.

Animal waste shall immediately be picked up by the caretaker, placed in plastic or paper packaging, and immediately deposited in the Unit’s own refuse container. Animals shall not be allowed to defecate or urinate on any roadway, driveway, walkway, patio, on the side of any structure, or upon plants sensitive to the waste.

The Board reserves the right to grant exemptions to any of these animal regulations in response to a request for reasonable accommodation from any person with a disability.

One flag of the United States or of the State of Ohio may be flown per Unit provided that it be placed in a holder that is attached to the exterior front trim of the Unit no higher than 6’ above grade and be no larger than 4’ x 6’. It shall be flown in conformity with the “Our Flag” standards adopted by the United States Congress.

Garage doors shall remain closed at all times when not in use. Garages may not be used as living, lounging, or gathering space.

No clothes, sheets, blankets, or laundry of any kind, or other articles, shall be hung out or exposed from any Unit or in any Limited Common Element or upon the Common Elements.

No noise is permitted which either distracts or disturbs others. Audio equipment should never be audible outside of the Unit or within an adjacent Unit. Yelling, screaming, and other noise disturbances audible outside of a Unit or within an adjacent Unit are prohibited.

Outdoor Cooking
Outdoor cooking may only occur on a Unit’s open rear porch or on any of the Association’s grills maintained in the Common Elements. No heat source may be located within ten (10) feet of any structure. It shall be the responsibility of the Unit Owner to ensure that any outdoor cooking is conducted in a manner to not cause smoke or offensive odor to enter any Unit.

Outdoor Storage
No personal property shall be kept or stored on the exterior of any Unit or within Limited Common Elements and/or Common Elements. Seasonal furniture, of a manufacture that is specifically designed for outdoor use, may be kept only on the Unit’s patio. Planters with live vegetation may be placed on the Unit’s patio. No gardening shall occur except in such areas of the Limited Common Elements previously designated for such use.

No storage sheds or portable storage containers are permitted (except with prior Board approval in response to emergency circumstances such as fire, flood, or other calamity).

Each Unit is limited to two (2) passenger motor vehicles (motorcycles and scooters are considered passenger motor vehicles). All vehicles must be properly licensed and operable. The vehicle must be garaged. The second vehicle, if any, may be parked on the portion of the driveway serving only that Unit. Off-street parking areas are reserved for guests only and the Unit Owners and residents of the Units shall not utilize the guest parking at any time.

No vehicles ¾ ton or heavier, trucks, buses, recreational vehicles, trailers, house trailers, boats, boat trailers, or the like are permitted. This prohibition does not apply to transient uses such as delivery of goods, pick of persons by specialized van or bus, contractor vehicles present during active construction projects, and moving vans for a period of less than (8) hours. In no event may they obstruct the use of the Common Elements.

No junk, inoperable, or unlicensed vehicles shall be kept on the Association property (this prohibition includes garage storage).

Parking shall be limited only to improved surfaces (parking on grass is never permitted) and in designated parking spaces. Parking on any roadway is prohibited.

No outdoor work on any vehicle may occur, except for minor emergency repairs (changing of a flat tire / vehicle jump starting).

Vehicles parked in violation of these Rules are subject to tow and removal from the Association’s property at the owner’s expense.

Play Areas
Playing (ballgames, chase, catch, etc.), skate boarding, roller blading and skating are not permitted in the Common Elements, including all roadways, driveways, sidewalks, and parking areas, except solely for any designated Play Area and in keeping with such further Rules as are placed on the use of the Play Area.

There shall be no permanent or temporary placement of recreational equipment (skate board ramps, nets, basketball hoops, etc.) anywhere on the Property except solely such equipment that the Association may erect for the benefit of all Unit Owners.


Waste Hauler. Unit Owners shall be required to contract for waste hauling services solely with the waste hauling company approved by the Board. The purpose of this Rule is to ensure uniformity in collection times, responsiveness to complaints, and to enable better price negotiation for the service.

Trash and Littering. All trash and recycling material must be placed in proper containers. Loose material and trash bags shall not be permitted upon any Common Elements or Limited Common Elements. Littering is strictly prohibited and shall be subject to a $50.00 per incident fine.

Refuse Containers. Trash and recycling containers shall not be stored except in a garage, on the side, or at the rear of the Unit. They shall not be located on any walkway. They must not obstruct any doorway. No more than two (2) such containers may be stored outside of any Unit. The containers may only be placed upon the drive apron when required for collection by the waste hauler and shall be removed to their proper place of storage by dusk after collection by the waste hauler.

Bulk Items. It is the responsibility of the Unit Owner to arrange for the prompt collection of bulk items by the waste hauler. Bulk items shall not be located outside of a Unit for more than twelve (12) hours.

Sanitary Condition of Refuse Containers. Unit Owners shall ensure that their refuse containers are not a source of offensive odor to the occupants of any other Unit and are properly secured against the elements and animals.

Hazardous Substances. It is violation of law and further prohibited by these Rules to dispose of any hazardous substance such as oil, solvents, or volatile or flammable materials into the sanitary or storm sewers. Further, the disposal of any hazardous substances upon the grounds of the Association is prohibited. In the event of oil or fluid leak or spill on any roadway, parking area, or driveway, the responsible party (which shall include the Unit Owner) shall immediately and properly clean the area. They must immediately have the vehicle serviced to prevent further spill or leakage. Repair of any damages to pavement from such leaks or spills will be charged to the Unit Owner.

Garage, yard, patio, moving, sales parties, and similar sales are prohibited.

Only signs erected by the Association may be placed in any location(s) upon the Condominium Property, except that:

A “For Sale” or “For Rent” sign no greater than six (6) square feet in area may be displayed on the interior pane of a Unit’s ground floor front window by the (i) Declarant,(ii) by an institutional holder / owner of a first mortgage, and (iii) by other persons with prior Board approval. The sign may only be displayed during the period of time the Unit is marketed for sale or lease.

No signs shall be placed upon the exterior of any building nor affixed to any window, except solely as stated above. Nameplates are included in this prohibition.

Signs shall not be affixed to any vehicles and no vehicles displaying any sign copy may be parked outside of an enclosed garage.

The speed limit is 20 mph. All persons driving on the property are further required to obey all posted traffic signs. No reckless driving, revving of engines, racing, tire squealing, or any other action that would constitute a violation of Ohio’s traffic laws shall be permitted within the Association.

Bicyclists must only travel on paved areas and shall observe at all times the posted traffic signs as well as refrain from any other actions that would constitute a violation of Ohio’s traffic laws.

Window Treatment
Window treatments shall be drapes, blinds, or shades of a material and manufacture specifically designed and manufactured for use as a window treatment. The use of blankets, towels, paper, plastic or any other material not so specifically designed and manufactured to be a window treatment is prohibited. The color of window treatments shall be neutral, muted colors such as white or beige. The use of bright colors or those with a neon-like effect is prohibited.


Tenant shall inform Landlord of any allergic sensitivities that may be caused by exposure to any chemical, animal, or food product present in the Property prior to his/her occupancy. Landlord shall use best efforts to eliminate the allergen via normal surface cleaning, however, Landlord shall be under no obligation to replace any material in order to do so (for example, but not by way of limitation, removing and replacing carpeting). In such event, Tenant’s sole and exclusive remedy shall be to terminate the Lease. Failure to provide Notice to Landlord prior to the Rent Commencement Date shall constitute a waiver by Tenant and acceptance of the Property “AS IS.”

Tenant shall ensure that animals are only kept in conformity with the Association’s Rules.

In addition, Tenant is responsible to ensure that no animal defecates, urinates, or sprays on any surface material and that litter boxes, cages, and other housing are kept clean and sanitary at all times.

Tenant shall be responsible for the full replacement cost of any material stained, damaged, or containing trapped odor caused by animal waste, spraying, or destruction. Partial replacements (for example, replacing only a section of carpet) shall not be performed.

Tenant shall keep the Property free of animal hair and dander.

Only one (1) aquarium is permitted and it shall not exceed fifteen (15) gallons in size.

Appliances must stay in their original locations. No appliance supplied by Landlord may be removed or replaced without prior written consent of the Landlord. The Tenant shall be liable for the full replacement cost of any of Landlord’s appliances so removed.

Tenant shall not use cleaning products not specifically manufactured and designated as safe for use on the material to be cleaned. Tenant assumes all risk for damage caused by the improper use of cleaning products.

Cooking and baking is only permitted within the kitchen and with appliances designed for such use. Outdoor grilling is only permitted as allowed by the Association’s Rules.

Tenant shall keep all lavatories, sinks, toilets, and all other water and plumbing apparatus in good order and repair and shall use same only for the purposes for which they were constructed. Tenant shall not allow any sweepings, rubbish, sand, rags, ashes, hygiene products, or other substances to be thrown or deposited therein. Any damage to any such apparatus and the cost of cleaning stopped plumbing resulting from misuse shall be Tenant’s liability.

Tenant shall be liable for the extermination costs of any insects infesting the Property which were introduced, even unknowingly, as a consequence of Tenant’s use and occupancy, such as bed bugs and fleas. This does not apply to insects such as termites or ants which may infest the property as a consequence of their migration from the surrounding environment.

Tenant shall not paint or stain any surface without the prior written consent of Landlord. Without exception, unless prior written consent from the Landlord was obtained, the Tenant will be charged as damages the cost to have the surface painted or stained back to its original color and condition.

Tenant shall not change any locks, re-key, or otherwise tamper with their proper operation. Tenant shall not make duplicate keys. All keys shall be provided by Landlord and all keys shall be returned to Landlord immediately after Tenant’s occupancy ends. In the event Tenant violates this Rule and Landlord is therefore required to replace or repair the locks, Tenant shall be liable for the full cost to replace or repair, as applicable. This Rule also applies to remote garage door openers.

Sex Offenders
No person who is required to register under any law due to their conviction for a sexually oriented offense may occupy the Property.

Smoking inside the Property is prohibited (this includes the garage and any roofed porch or patio). Tenants are responsible to ensure that cigarette and cigar butts are properly extinguished prior to disposal and that they are placed in proper refuse containers.

Tenant shall not tamper or interfere with any part of the heating, cooling, electrical / lighting, plumbing, or fire / smoke detection systems.

Wall Coverings
Wallpaper, contact paper, stickers, and any other adhesive materials of any nature shall not be installed on any surface or fixture, including but not limited to walls, ceilings, floors, doors, windows, cabinetry, appliances (unless owned by Tenant), woodwork, countertops, or light fixtures. The Tenant will be charged as damages the cost to have the material removed and the surface restored to its original condition.

Water Beds
Water beds are not permitted.